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  • What is Guardians?
    Guardians is a personal safety app made by Truecaller. It's designed to be used with your close family & trusted friends. The main feature is location sharing, but it's much more than that! To get started, you need to login into the app and invite people who you want as Guardians. Once these people install the app and accept your invitation, you can notify & share location with each other. Location can be shared temporarily or permanently. In case of emergencies, we’ll alert your Guardians.
  • [Watch Video] How to use the app?
  • How do I sign up?
    If you’re already a Truecaller user, you can login with just one tap. Choose to continue with Truecaller and you’ll be logged in instantly. If you don't use Truecaller, or prefer not to login via Truecaller, then you can enter your mobile number & we’ll verify you using a missed call or one time password sent via SMS. If you’re facing issues with signing up or your mobile number gets blocked, please write to us at: Make sure to include your country code + mobile number in the email and our team will look into it.
  • What permissions are needed?
    In order for the app to work properly, we need a few permissions: Contacts - This is needed to help you select your contacts as Guardians. We only access the contacts that you select and the rest is ignored. Location - This is required to help you locate yourself on the map and share your location with others. Starting with Android 11, we ask you to select Allow all the time so that we can share your location with your Guardians, even when the app is working in the background. Similarly on iOS, we ask for Always Allow to make the app work in background. Phone (Android) - This is needed to be able to share your phone & network state with your Guardians. Notifications (iOS) - This is needed so that you can receive alerts whenever your Guardians start sharing their location with you. Call Log* (Android) - This is optional and is only requested if we want to verify you using a missed call.
  • How to invite Guardians?
    This app is best used by inviting your close family & trusted friends as Guardians. To invite your Guardians, you can invite from - Home Screen - Profile > Manage Guardians Once you have selected whom you want to invite, we strongly recommend that you share your invitation with them via message/chat so that they can immediately join. You can choose to re-invite your Guardians if they have not yet installed the app.
  • How do I Forever Share location?
    If you wish to permanently share your location, you can do so by choosing whom you want to share with and then selecting the Forever Share option. This is the best way to share your location for an extended period of time. Along with your location, your battery & phone state are also shared so that your Guardians get a complete picture of your situation. You can choose to Forever Share with some or all of your Guardians. We recommend using this feature with only your most trusted Guardians. Forever Share is also the most battery saving way to share location.
  • How do I share my location temporarily?
    If you’re out somewhere and want to keep your Guardians alert, we recommend using the Watch over me option. When you tap on Watch over me, we automatically start sharing your location with all your Guardians. We recommend using this in situations such as: taking a late night cab ride, walking back home alone or travelling to an unknown area. Then you can stop sharing your location once you reach your destination!
  • How do I ask for emergency help?
    If you’re in an emergency situation and you’re not feeling safe, you should tap on the I need help! option. Once triggered, we alert your Guardians with a loud sound and automatically share your location with them. If there are any volunteers around, we'll notify the volunteers. In the future, we'll also enable you to get help from government authorities directly.
  • How do I remove a Guardian?
    If you’ve added some people as your Guardians and wish to remove them, you can do so going to Profile -> Manage Guardians and selecting the minus (-) option. Once you remove someone, you won’t be able to share your location or see their location until you add them back.
  • How do I logout?
    If you wish to log out, go to Profile -> Log out. Once you do this, all existing location sharing sessions will be terminated.
  • Other settings
    In order for the app to work properly, there are certain things that we need from you: Ignore Battery Optimization - this is requested when you sign up and also later if it remains disabled. Accepting this allows you to share your location even when the app is working in the background.
  • How do I delete my account?
    If you wish to delete your account, we request that you remove all your Guardians first. Do this by going to Profile -> Manage Guardians. Once there are no more Guardians linked in your account, send us an email to with your mobile no. and we’ll delete your account completely.
  • How is my data used?
    Your location & profile data is private and only shared with your assigned Guardians. In times of emergency, only if you choose to, your location is shared with volunteers nearby. Moreover, the Guardians app remembers only your last known location and the history is immediately deleted. No data from Guardians is shared with Truecaller or any other 3rd parties. Read more: Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
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